Lanny Barby (Lannie Barbie) Porn Videos, Movies & Pics

In the adult movie industry, there are some of the actresses who are forced to join the industry due to the fact that they have to work hard for a living. But some people, like Lanny Barby, did not join the industry because of the financial constrain. Instead, she had decided to join the industry a long time ago and she just tried to realize this dream quickly after she reached her 18th birthday.

She joined the industry in 2001 and she first appeared in the movie called World Sex Tour 24. It was a porn movie with limited budget and so she did not receive much attention from the public or the company. One year later, she tried to feature in the movie ’2 on 1′ and also the ‘Lewd Conduct 15′ movie. During that period of time, she tried to shoot for some content providers in Canada using the name of Lanny Barbie. Therefore, people who tried to search information for Lanny Barbie might also find this girl.

In 2003, it came to the starting point of her fruitful career. She starred in about 10 movies and she gradually improved her acting skills. She was invited to be on the cover of some men’s magazines. For instance, she appeared in the Club, the Penthouse, etc. She even became the Pet of the Month of the Penthouse magazine in 2003.

Since Lanny Barby was born in Montreal and the company Vivid Entertainment did not have actress born in that area, Vivid decided to recruit Lanny. Therefore, she signed a two year contract with the company in 2005. Under this exclusive contract, she filmed for Vivid only.

After this move, she was able to make more films because she is offered the chance. But there are still a lot of things that she can do in order to be more popular in the market.

Note: Lanny Barby is also known as Lannie Barbie, Lanni Barby or Lanni Barbie!

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